This Week in Recovery – 3-8-15

It has been a couple of weeks since our last recovery blog summary. We hope enjoy these favorite posts from the last two weeks!


Most Disturbing:

Jeff Deeney at The Fix with “Are Big Alcohol’s Ad Men Targeting Recovering Alcoholics?

“The thought of joining the hideous beer fueled bro-down that Budweiser for some reason thinks I’ll find appealing at this life stage is utterly repellant, and made more so by the fact that it feels like a cynical campaign to potentially destroy my life in the quest to make me a reliable return customer. And I believe that the alcohol industry wants someone like me back—roughly half of all alcohol consumed gets purchased by risky drinkers.”

Best Advice:

Bill White at Chipur with “10 Ways to Keep Our World Intact When All Hell Breaks Loose

“Stay away from prognosticating on how you’ll feel in, say, two weeks – based upon how you feel now. Pretty sure you won’t like it.”

Most Practical:

Alyssa Craig at Heroes in Recovery with “How Time Management Can Aid in a Healthy Recovery

“The importance of time management is quickly made evident when you look at the results. When someone in any circumstance in life fails to manage their time adequately, it results in added stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. However, when the person is in addiction recovery, the risk of more dangerous repercussions is much higher as any feelings of failure can lead to a relapse.”

Best Personal Insight:

My Life as 3D with “Eight Years Ago Today: How Low Could I Go?

“As the parent of a child going through addiction, figuring out that your life is the most important one in the equation is probably the most difficult thing you’ll ever have to do. Like finding-a-needle-in-twenty-haystacks difficult. Some parents never learn or accept that self-care should be the number one thing on their “Things to Do” list when their child is struggling. Even though it took me several years, I’m glad I finally bought into the idea. Because I probably wouldn’t be sitting in this chair typing this blog post today if I hadn’t.”

Best Infographic:

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids with “From RX to Heroin

“After a few months of taking the pain killers, Katie notices that they won’t work as well or last as long. She begins taking more pills than prescribed.”

We hope you found something useful or interesting in these posts. What were the most interesting posts you read this week? Respond in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with your friends on social media!

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