This Week in Recovery | 4-17-15

Blog posts related to addiction recovery


We’ve compiled a list of some of the best blog posts related to addiction and recovery from the past few weeks. We hope you find something useful. If so, leave a comment below about what stood out to you!




 Most Practical:

Amanda Andruzzi at Addiction Blog with “How to STOP Enabling My Drug Addicted Husband

“My husband was not forcing me to enable him; I was taking it upon myself to help him because I felt bad for him and I loved him. I realized when I did things that I knew made his addiction and life easier, even if it was acting crazy so he could feel justified to abuse drugs more, that I was not only enabling him but hurting myself. If he ever had a chance to stop using drugs, I had to realize it was not going to be because of me.”

Best Debate:

The New York Times with “What is Addiction?

This set of articles features expert voices from around the country who weigh in with their opinions on the nature of addiction and the most successful treatments.

Most Useful:

Susanne Johnson at Heroes in Recovery with “Relapse Prevention

“Relapse prevention is a critical component to maintain the long-term success of recovery. In order to understand relapse prevention, you need to understand its stages. It is a process, not an event. In each stage your recovery is at risk and you need to take certain steps to protect it. Being mindful of your own well-being is essential in recovery, as well as a good relationship with people who look at you from a different angle, able to notice any change (i.e. your family, spouse, and sponsor).”

Best Parental Advice:

Cassie Goldberg at Partnership for Drug-Free Kids with “But YOU Smoked When You Were Younger

“As the parent of a child going through addiction, figuring out that your life is the most important one in the equation is probably the most difficult thing you’ll ever have to do. Like finding-a-needle-in-twenty-haystacks difficult. Some parents never learn or accept that self-care should be the number one thing on their “Things to Do” list when their child is struggling. Even though it took me several years, I’m glad I finally bought into the idea. Because I probably wouldn’t be sitting in this chair typing this blog post today if I hadn’t.”

We hope you found something useful or interesting in these posts. What were the most interesting posts you read this week? Respond in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with your friends on social media!

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